About Us

The Living Picture Company, Shillong, was conceived with a vision of bringing professionalism into the media, IT and communication Industry of the North East.

Having garnered experiences for over ten years in the field of Advertising, Marketing, IT, film making etc. within the commercial capital of India (Mumbai) and it’s metro cities, the agency (combined with a production unit) tries to bring together the business know-how, the technology and the upcoming trends of the electronic, print and visual media of India and the world, to effectively tackle and resolve issues in the health and social sectors of the region, and in particular Meghalaya.

Prioritizing objectives, outlining strategies and identifying target groups, the advertising agency attempts to highlight the vital role and function of mass media as a developmental tool to shape the socio-economic development of that area. From executing state-wide campaigns in its advertising and marketing avatar, to making documentaries in health and social issues, The Living Picture Company tries to bring ‘professionalism’ into the nascent communicative media Industry of Meghalaya while keeping intact it’s local insight and cultural identity.

Towards achieving this objective, the company has undertaken projects that include:

In keeping with its vision of establishing an agency and a production house that would be stand for quality, transparency and professionalism, the agency follows a strict discipline of working with like-minded professionals from within the state and outside. It also seeks collaborative efforts with other organizations towards projects that provide for social and economic up-liftment of the North East region.